MazePaper - a self-generating and self-solving android live wallpaper

In an attempt to make a million dollars, I created a live wallpaper app for android. After an overwhelming success and numerous downloads(zero), i have decided to make it public and share my experience and code for better or worst.

Here's a video of it in action.

opencart getting modules for 1.4 to work in 1.5

in your admin/controller/module/[module_name].php

find the line where the document title is set. it looks something like:

{code type=php}$this->document->title = $this->language->get('heading_title');{/code}

and change it to

{code type=php}$this->document->setTitle($this->language->get('heading_title'));{/code}

there could be more to this, but worth a try.

google analytics: tracking link click synchronously and asynchronously

var link = $(this)[0].href;

var pdfFiles = /\.(pdf)$/i;
var imgFiles = /\.(jpg|gif|png)$/i;
var allFiles = /\.(pdf|doc*|xls*|ppt*|jpg|gif|png|zip|mp3|mp4|mov)$/i;
var action = '';
var _onclick = new String($(this).attr('onclick'));

//remove onclick pagetrack event from links
if(_onclick.indexOf('pageTracker') != -1)

writing a Sudoku Solver

So the other day, I was bored outta  my mind. I was playing sudoku on my ipod. I said to myself, like I usually do, there has got to be a better way to solve a sudoku puzzle. Then an LED light bulb(to conserve energy) lit up in my head, I will write a program to do it. Here we are. The repo is up on github.

It solves by:

opencart seo friendly urls

opencart has built in seo friendly url but that's for products only as far as i can tell. and you have to actually type out the terms. so i took it upon myself to make it friendlier and more automagic.

this is for opencart v1.4.8b

the format of url we are trying to achieve is:


so it would look something like /product/1/girls-gone-wild

change catalog/model/tool/seo_url.php

UPDATED: includes all urls now and added file for download ([download id="2"])

In unrelated news: how to lose your $300,000 to HOA for a few thousand dollars

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get cakephp build-in css compression to work

Since cakephp 1.3, build-in css compression has stopped working. at least for me. however, it's very easy to get it working again.

Step 1:

grab csspp from here and put it in your vendor directory so it looks something like this (app/vendors/csspp/csspp.php)

Step 2:

in your core.php file in app/config, uncomment Configure::write('Asset.filter.css', 'css.php');

Step 3: